The ACCA have Launched a Digital Exam Practice Platform

The ACCA launched their very own digital platform that will become the foundation of any computer-based exams that take place in the future.

The brand new and innovative solution has been rolled out to all learning providers who work in the industry. This new platform gives them the chance to provide online learning support, marking feedback, test papers and even instant delivery.

The platform is going to be launched in waves, with platinum and gold approved ALPS being offered first. The rollout is also going to extend to those who are silver learning partners in the UK, Czech Republic and Ireland.

Access is going to be increased as the rollout progresses, with other markets being on track for release in a few months. Students are going to have access to the platform after the ACCA exams, which will finish in September 2019.

ACCA also have plans to extend the platform in December 2019. This is going to be offered to the Applied Skills CBE specimen, with plans to further incorporate past exam papers too.

ACCA have four cycles of exams every single year, some are CBE and some are paper-based. Students who choose to enrol are given the chance to complete up to four exams across each cycle. A maximum of eight exams can be done over the calendar year. There are 527,000 students who are currently enrolled in ACCA exams.

67,000 are based in the UK, 1527 are in the Czech Republic and 8,557 are in Ireland. The last exam saw a total of 132,098 students enter 174,827 exams. 5,090 of them also went on to achieve a full ACA membership.

One main bonus of the new platform is that it will give any learning provider the chance to personalise their practice tests and solutions. They can add their own logo, colours and text, while also creating their own questions that are exclusive to their students.

Marking and feedback can also be offered remotely, with practice tests also being available.

Reza Ali, a highly-esteemed professional at ACCA, has released a statement saying how vital this is to the longevity and convenience of testing. It will give students the aid they need to surpass their potential, and it will also help them to prepare for live exams. The launch has strongly supported the idea of having more computer-based exams, and their continuous work will most certainly have an impact on the industry as we know it.