How to be the First-Choice Candidate for Any Recruitment Agency

If you are able to strike up a good relationship with a recruiter, then they will almost certainly make sure that you are looked after. If you want to really improve your career prospects however then you need to try and establish a winning relationship with an agency. Finding a great job in a very crowded market can be difficult so the last thing that you need is a hit and miss approach. Enlisting a recruitment agency is a fantastic way for you to make a huge difference to your overall chances. The best thing about going through a solid and reputable recruiter is that they have contacts in their industry and they also know the type of candidate that their clients are looking for. This ultimately means that they can tailor your approach properly.

Who’s the Ideal Candidate?

It’s vital that you present yourself well. A recruiter will always try and protect their professional image, as well as your own so a good relationship is crucial. The ideal candidate is honest, open and prepared for an interview. It’s also important to stick to timescales as well. If you want to make sure that you fit into this criteria then first-impressions do matter, more than anything.

First Impressions

Recruiters look at various networking sites when connecting with candidates, so make sure that your profiles are up to date. LinkedIn is the most crucial here. If you want to boost your chances even more then try and include keywords in your biography so that you can pop up whenever a recruiter does their search.

You also need to send an email with a spellchecked CV and cover note. This will explain what type of job you are looking for and your preferences on company sector, size and location. It’s very likely that a recruiter will want to set up a video call so that they can discuss your skills and your overall career goals. It may sound really obvious, but make sure that you’re not wearing a sweatshirt and joggers when proceeding with the interview. It’s not the best look. If you want to get around this then make sure that you are presentable and that you carry yourself in the same way you would in a face-to-face interview.

Questions You Should Be Asking

Another thing that you need to be asking your recruiter is if they have met with the client and what their overall relationship is like. You have to be aware that some agencies don’t meet with their client and they don’t understand the live brief either. It helps to ask the recruiter about the steps that they are going to take to try and put you in the best position for the role that you want.

What Not to Ask your Recruitment Agency

There really is nothing that you can’t ask. If your recruiter was to be put off, then this is usually down to whether or not you are being honest about your situation. You might have something crop up later that wasn’t mentioned previously, and this is the last thing that you want. For this reason, it helps to be open, honest and ask whatever you need, right from the start.

When to Negotiate your Salary

An agency recruiter will bring up the subject of money in the initial call, which will allow you to confirm the salary you would accept if offered (based on it being the right role of course!) It is vital to ensure you are being put forward to roles at the correct salary, because if your salary requirement changes post interview, it can give the employer the impression that you are just trying to squeeze more money out of the company, and could ultimately cost you your offer!